Being Kind to Yourself

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Below is a feature from their Find Your Emotional Strengths article.


While supporting other people is one sign of emotional well-being, so is your ability to care for yourself. Just like the body, emotions require regular care and maintenance. “An analogy is an overheating vehicle that needs coolant to continue functioning well. That is an entirely normal process,” states Dr. Lee Keyes, executive director of the Counseling Center at the University of Alabama. The following can help you develop and maintain your emotional health:

Building and strengthening your support network is perhaps the most important way to enhance resilience. Friends and loved ones provide support, perspective, and release when things get stressful.

Focus on the Positive
Emotional health isn’t “Pollyanna” positivity or cheerfully sweeping things under the rug. Rather, it is feeling hopeful and motivated to resolve problems.

Take Care of Your Body
Activity, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and otherwise attending to your physical needs help your mind thrive.

Take Care of Your Spirit
Find activities that bring you contentment and peace: prayer or meditation, outdoor time, artistic endeavors.

Focus on Helping
Service to others can foster your strengths, build your self-esteem, and allow you to step away from daily concerns.

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