The First Year Going Home

You are now half way through your first semester, congrats!


Though it may not have been an easy road…you’ve survived move-in and the first week of classes (check!).

Now you have officially conquered midterm season with exams, papers, and group projects (check!).

Kudos to you!

You are officially a Clemson student striving for success, balancing responsibilities, and navigating through the independent life.

With making new friends, deciding when you will go to bed, and tapping snooze as many times as you want before that 8am class…you have to admit that this newfound freedom feels pretty good at times.


With nearly three months in it’s almost time to return home for the break.

Very exciting! Especially if you miss your family and friends from home.

Maybe you’re anxious to share your greatest college moments so far and do all of the fun things that you’ve missed, or maybe you just want to go home and do absolutely nothing except for binge watching on Netflix.


Whether you are excited or indifferent, have you thought about what it will be like once you’re back?

Awareness is Key

Your family will miss you.

Be sure to spend time with them. You have pretty much lived there your whole life and now you have been away for months, share the love and enjoy a movie night or find other ways to have family time. This time will be what you decide to make it, so try to make it a great one.

Things have changed…it’s sometimes called Reverse Culture Shock.

Going off to college could feel like you are entering a new world, resulting in a culture shock. When things are new it takes some time to get adjusted and that’s okay, but once the wave is over you’re good to go.

You may have finally found your way around campus and your favorite study spot, made new friends, and even found clubs and organizations to join. Something like creating your own fit into this new environment.


That said, when going back home it is important to be aware that things may not feel the same and that they have changed. Connecting with friends from home may take more effort because just as you have developed new interests and made new friends, it could be the same for them. Some friends are understanding and will be excited to catch up and maybe meet new people…and then some will be the complete opposite. Regardless, if you value those friendships don’t just wait for a text or phone call, take the initiative.

Also, after a while of being home you may begin to miss the new life you have grown to appreciate and will experience a culture shock again. It can be a tough transition but is definitely possible to overcome. Spend time talking with family and friends and do the  things that you love, whether it’s running, painting, listening to music, reading, or just hanging out with your favorite people…do it and make the most of your time home.


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