Tools for Roommate Success

Having a roommate can be a great part of your college experience, but it can also be very challenging when navigating difficult situations. You may have grown up living with lots of siblings, or this may be your first time sharing your living space with someone else.

Regardless, having a new roommate will require a great deal of adaptability, patience, and most importantly respect for the other person as an individual.

Below are a few tips for how to potentially resolve common conflicts that could potentially strengthen your relationship and equip you with great problem solving skills.

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  1. Be clear from the beginning.
    1. Having a conversation about your preferences and dislikes early on allows for each person to become aware and become a great roommate.
  2. Address things when they’re little.
    1. To prevent and/or resolve messy and complicated situations, addressing the little things is much easier than addressing them long after they’ve become big.
  3. Respect your roommate’s stuff.
    1. Don’t borrow, use, or take anything without getting permission first.
  4. Be careful of who you bring into your room — and how often.
    1. Be mindful of how often you bring people over, and take into consideration of what your roommate’s preferences are.
  5. Lock the door and windows.
    1. Safety first! Be sure to protect not only your things from possibly being stolen, but also for your roommate.
  6. Be friendly, without expecting to be best friends.
    1. Though you should be open and may even become best friends, be friendly but also be sure to develop your own social circles.
  7. Be open to new things.
    1. Be open to new ideas and experiences, especially as it to relates to what your roommate brings into your life.
  8. Be open to change.
    1. As the semester progresses, realize things will change for both of you. Be comfortable addressing things that unexpectedly come up, setting new rules, and being flexible to your changing environment.
  9. Address things when they’re big.
    1. If things seem too impossible to handle be sure to contact your RA or someone on the housing staff immediately!
  10. If nothing else, follow the Golden Rule.
    1. Treat others as you would like to be treated 🙂


Hopefully the information above was helpful, and can help guide you to have a wonderful roommate living experience!


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