How Will You Leave Your Mark?

Beginning a new semester can be refreshing and exciting, but it can also cause you to be anxious and uncertain at times. Therefore it is still very early in the semester, and we want to provide a few tips and suggestions for how you can strive for a successful year!

One of the biggest (but not limited to) ways to help with navigating a new semester, environment, or opportunity would be to reflect on yourself and evaluate past experiences. It always helps to consider and reevaluate the things you like/don’t like, what you’re good at/struggle with, and looking at the things you have already accomplished/experienced and also the things that you would hopefully like to accomplish in the future.

Before being consumed with midterms, projects, and finals now would be a great time for you to think about the number of things that could add great value to your experience here at Clemson.

To help you get started here a few questions to consider…

What would I want to be remembered for? Ex.) Personality? Leadership? Academic achievement?

What are the things I want to accomplish? How will I achieve it? Why is it important to me?

What are two (or more) things that I need to work on? Why is it challenging for me? How can I overcome them?

Who has inspired or influenced me? What was it about them? How can I find additional mentors here at Clemson?

What am I interested in? What similar opportunities/organizations/programs are available here?

Which will be my most difficult or most time consuming course? What resources are available?


After successfully reflecting and potentially determining what you want your experience to be, now is time to create the action plan.

Including suggestions from the 2012 (but still relevant!) USA TODAY article 3 Ways to Create Your Legacy Before Graduation check it below:

  • Start from your resume. And reflect. What do you wish you saw on it?
    • Research experience
    • Study abroad
    • Community Service
    • Campus Involvement
    • Leadership Experience
  • Be a mentor to underclassmen
    • Share your experience and advice with others whether it’s academic related, personal, social, or career/internship related
    • Make an impact and a friend!
  • Create relationships with professors, too.
    • Potential research opportunities
    • Connection to broader resources and potential network
    • Help guide your developmental experience as a student



If you need help determining which career path or major is best for you, check out the Michelin Career Center located on the 3rd floor in Hendrix or visit their website here!

If you would like more information from their website about how they can help craft your experience click here!



Hopefully the information above will help guide how you plan for the year, and also help determine what you want your legacy to be.

Thanks for reading!



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