Outreach Awareness: The Recap

Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb. 16th-18th

Attempting to spread the Random Acts of Kindness spirit throughout the air, our office hosted #CURAKweek which was designed to engage students in promoting random kindness acts for fellow strangers, peers, and loved ones.


Our students signed a Kindness Pledge that read:

Imagine a world

Where we look out for each other.

Where we all pay it forward.

Where we measure success in selfless acts.

Where kindness is the philosophy of life

This is the world I want to live in.

I,                   pledge to do my part in making this a reality.


In signing this pledge students were then encouraged to take a photo with our frame and/or take a Tootsie pop with an attached kindness act to either carry out, or pass on to someone else.


Check out our video recap below! 

 National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb 21st-27th

#NEDAwareness Week 2016 promoted online screening to encourage the early detection & intervention of eating disorders.

3 Minutes can Save a Life. Get Screened. Get Help. Get Healthy.http://nedawareness.org/

The National Eating Disorders Helpline has the information and resources to get you on the path to health and recovery.

‪#‎Clemson‬ students also have access to Eating Disorders Services through Clemson’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS):clemson.edu/healthy-cam…/mental-health/eating-disorders.html


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