Things to Consider During the Break

“May the odds be forever in your favor.”

You have survived through numerous exams, papers, projects, and most importantly FINALS! stock-footage-happy-free-cheering-running-woman-celebrating-in-nature-hiking-woman-hiker-raising-arms-excited-in1Congratulations! 

This time next week, things may be a lot different…

No early morning/late afternoon classes.

  • Freedom to eat, sleep, and repeat! (If so choose)

No more late-night studying and completing assignments.

  • Unless you are binge watching your favorite shows and/or reading a great book


Most importantly, there are NO papers, exams, and assignments to complete until next semester!

  • Unless you have special/additional responsibilities. Work first, so that you can relax later




As you begin to anticipate enjoying your wonderful winter break, here are a few things we suggest considering:

  • Take time to reflect on this past semester.
    • Things that were challenging. Why were they challenging? What can you do differently next time? 
    • What were your successes? Why were they successful? How can you improve, if needed? 
    • Debrief and share with someone you feel comfortable with 
  • Set goals for next semester.
    • Long term/short term
    • Accountability plan/goals
    • Check out Clemson’s Academic Success Center site here!
  • Consider housing options for next academic year.
    • On-campus vs. off-campus (Check out our pro/con blog discussion post here!)
    • Check out Clemson’s Housing site here!
  • Prepare information needed to complete FAFSA.
    • Applications are due Feb. 15th, BUT the sooner the better!
    • Check out Clemson’s Financial aid site here!


For our off-campus/commuter students:

  • Unplug all electrical items.
  • Take valuables with you. DO NOT leave any valuable items in apartment
  • Make sure beds, couches, and other flammable objects are at least three feet away from heat sources
  • Keep thermostat set to a temperature no lower than 55° F. You must keep your apartment heated all winter so pipes will not freeze
  • Ask the post office to hold your mail until you return from break


Enjoy your winter break Tigers! We have had a great season 😉 

Happy Holidays! 

-Dean of Students Staff


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